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Iron Hill Miniatures running Dwarf Brewery Kickstarter campaign

Iron Hill Miniatures is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a Dwarf Brewery terrain piece along with a brewery crew and defenders.

From the campaign:

Iron Hill Miniatures is a new venture into the area of Fantasy Miniature gaming that deals with Dwarf Terrain and character Dwarfs to enhance the terrain, add to your miniature gaming or create nice vignettes. Our first project is a terrain piece, a Fortified Dwarf Brewery and Inn. This large terrain piece will measure 28” long by 24” wide and 12 to 14” tall. It can be used in either a role playing game or in a mass battle.

Iron Hill Miniatures chose this terrain piece for the simple reason that when getting into fantasy gaming and choosing a Dwarf Army, one of the first secenarios often listed was an attack on a Dwarf Brewery, but none were commercially available. The reason for fortifying the brewery is based on the nature of Dwarves to protect their treasures, of which a fine brew of Ale is next to gold.

Included in this kickstarter is a set of character Dwarves that one would expect to find working at a Brewery. There is a Brew Master, Worker Dwarves, Inn Keepers, Drinkers and Celebrants, as well as a Dwarf Ale Wagon. Please take time to take a look at this kickstarter. We also have a blog with a lot of additional photos.

The Brewery is a work in progress for the basic reason that we are looking for feed back so that the terrain piece will meet the gaming needs. We have already made a few changes based on some feed back from gamers. We would also like to know what other types of Dwarves you would like to see hanging around the Brewery and Inn.