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Iron Cow and Firewall sci-fi rules released as PDFs

Wessex Games continues their series of PDF releases with digital versions of the Iron Cow and Firewall sci-fi rules. From their announcement:
Iron Cow 2103AD and Firewall 2136AD, our two award winning SF miniatures rules have been released as PDFs via Wargame Vault. Iron Cow (winner best new SF rules 2003 in SFSFW awards) is a simple but challenging set of fun science fiction wargames rules that are ideal for anyone looking to start wargaming using 6mm (SF vehicles and figures, or for more experienced wargamers who just want a quick simple game that works, without needing to wade through pages and pages of tables, rules, sub-clauses etc. Firewall (winner best new SF rules 2003 in SFSFW awards) is a set of science fiction skirmish wargames rules designed to allow gamers to fight out battles in a cyberpunk inspired future, using any of the wide ranges of excellent 28mm scale models available from a wide variety of manufacturers. Both are available individually or bundled together with a 25% overall saving.