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Iron Box Games Updates progress on Angry Sheep

Iron Box Games continued work on Angry Sheep even though their Kickstarter didn't look like it was going to make it. Well, they've posted up a progress report on how things have been going since.


From the update:

It probably goes without saying but, just in case, the black dice will actually be black -- with either white or red icons.

But we received this update from the factory today, and they're ready to start turning out dice for us.

We have sent out the initial production payment, and the resin sheep we have been casting have been sent to them as samples. In the end we're going to do the white sheep with injection molding, and the black sheep as a poly-resin. Given the quantity difference between the two it just makes the most sense to take that route.

We have also confirmed the "Sack O' Sheep" and we'll have pricing on that when we take pre-orders for the game.

Iron Box Games has also lined up six new game properties -- two of which will likely find their way to Kickstarter, while the rest are traditionally published. We'll do this under a new Iron Box Games profile though -- so stay tuned for more fun!