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Iron Box Games updates about future expansions to Angry Sheep

Iron Box Games gives us a look at the future of Angry Sheep with a preview of the upcoming expansions.

From the update:

The first expansion includes one token - featuring one of our fuzzy sheep covered by a wolf-skin tent - and one grey "Wolf-Sheep" die. The die has three blank faces, two "Wolf-Sheep" faces, and one "Redistribution" face. It is meant to be played in conjunction with "Sheep Guevara," but we're testing it as a replacement for the black die as well.

Rolling the "Wolf-Sheep" brings the token to your pasture. At the end of every turn you count up all of the sheep currently in play, and if you have the most sheep, or are tied for the most sheep, then you must give one to every other player. If you have the fewest number of sheep in play, or are tied for the fewest sheep, then every other player must give you one of theirs. This takes place every turn that the "Wolf-Sheep" is in your pasture.