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Iron Age Fantasy RPG now up on Indiegogo

Iron Age is a new fantasy RPG looking for funding over on Indiegogo. It's sort of a mix of historical and fantasy. Go check it out.

From the campaign:

Iron age is p&p fantasy role playing game situated in 1. st. BC. The historical background interweaves with the fantasy and mythological elements. The Game itself uses reversed d20 system developed for this game. The system gives specialized roles to dies removing confusion.(d6-location die, d10-damage die, d12-Radiance die etc.). The game system allows great level of customization of the character by applying backgrounds and a great number of traits (some traits allow a character to become sub-race 'werewolf, vampire, half-elf, raherryn....)
We've started our indiegogo campaign nine days ago, yet we had trouble with our account and all contributions got refunded. Now we're starting again after solving our account problems. We need your help to get back on the track, our goal is to raise 500$ by end of the next week so that we return to the browsing pages. Thank you