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Ion Age posts concepts for Female Retained Knights

The Ion Age has posted up some concepts for their upcoming Female Retained Knights models, including a sketch, a more-finished colored piece and a green.


From the preview:

When The Ion Age began a month ago now one of the first group of customers and their requests we got was to consider adding 15mm Female Retained Knights to our fast expanding range of miniatures. We looked into this and over a few weeks we worked it out and did some design sketches and a piece of great artwork too. Now we have the first greens sculpted. Typically I don't go in for 'concept' news or such but in this case there was enough desire that I think many more people will want to head on over to our blog to have a look at the artwork, greens and read the ideas too.

Our lead design Sam Croes plans several pack codes of Female miniatures with the first one released late in October 2013. You can read the whole article on the Ion Age blog.

We welcome suggestions so once you have read the blog post and if you have a thought I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for your attention.

Gavin Syme (GBS)