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Iocasta Now Available For Arena Rex

The gladiator pits are equal-opportunity. Man, woman, beast, all can take to the pits and fight for supremacy. Iocasta left her whole tribe and their way of life in pursuit of something more. What she found was joy in hearing her name shouted while she fights in the arenas. Now, you can add her to your collection for Arena Rex.

From the release:

The tradition of ghata’sar is long recognized by the Sandborn tribes, allowing those who clash regularly with the traditions of their nomadic lifestyle or their tribe’s leadership to leave behind their names and perhaps find peace elsewhere in the world. Iocasta’s self-exile lead her to take up not only a Roman name but possibly the most Roman lifestyle she could find. Styling herself the new queen of Thebes, she luxuriates in both the thrill of sands and the urbane trappings of a well-paid exhibitionary auxiliary to the Morituri. Nothing brings her greater joy than hearing the crowds chant the name she chose while she dominates her opponents with ferocious and precise strikes.

Iocasta is a Morituri gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Benoit Cauchies, illustration by Yasmine Putri. Painted by Benjamin Williams.

The resin Iocasta miniature is supplied unassembled alongside a plastic 30mm Arena Rex base, activation token, art card, and game card.