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Invasion: Free State Announced For 2018 Release

The invasion is on! Aliens are raining down from the skies. But the people of the world aren't going to idly sit by as some bug-eyed monster tries to push them over. Take the fight to those extraterrestrials and show them that this is our home and they can't have it. That's the story behind Invasion: Free State, a new tactical urban combat board game that's coming out next year.

About the game:

INVASION: Free State is a competitive urban tactical combat board game for 2 to 4 players. In each mission, Alien and Resistance factions conduct combat against each other in a desolate district of Annapolis suburbs.

INVASION: Free State is inspired by such classic computer games as X-COM: UFO Defense and Laser Squad.

SIMULTANEOUS PROGRAMMING: Anticipate and outmaneuver your enemy
TEAM VS TEAM: Play with up to two players per side
COVER SYSTEM: Use them or die in the open
MODULAR BOARD: Each mission uses a randomized map every time

Join the fight for the Free State in 2018!