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Introductions are in order...

Hey Everyone,

I am excited to be heading up TGN and looking forward to the opportunity to help TGN grow. I have been using TGN as my primary news source, and am on the site a lot throughout the day, some how I don't see that changing now. Lets talk a little bit about what is going on.

We are excited to be taking on the responsibilities of TGN. Zac has set a very high bar for quality, and we are glad to have his continued involvement and advice.

We will not be changing the way news is handled or the front end of the website. We like the way that things are, and are looking forward to helping them grow.

The servers have already moved and hopefully all the technical drama is behind us.

We are going to be talking in more detail in the coming weeks about where we want to go with TGN. The community is front and center, so your feedback on these topics will be very important to us. One of our first projects will be to make TGN a more proactive news source, not just reporting the news that comes to us, but going out and finding the news, and bringing it to you.

Cool Mini Or Not is among the largest table-top communities in the world, working to bring people together to talk about and share what they love. Chern had this to say.

"TGN is a backbone of the community, and we’re aware of the responsibility involved in taking over the torch from Zac. It’s in safe hands with Ross, who is both well liked (I think) and well informed. If you have any queries that you need to direct to me though just drop me a message at CMON.”

Ross Thompson
Managing Editor