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Introducing Nightbane Legacy, a new miniatures company

Nightbane Legacy is a new gaming company that's working on several games all set in their customized game world.
Note: Their renders may not be work safe in all places.

Nightbane Legacy


From them to you:

Ok so there has been many questions asked asked of us so I will try and give some good info back.

We are currently working on a tabletop skirmish game. The game will be played on a tabletop surface using resin figures that we are producing like Camile. Rule books will be free via PDF once polished to a level we feel acceptable for release to general public.

The first two factions will be The Valkyries and Eric the Red's Elite Guard both of these are vampire factions with a deep rivalry. Yes we have many races and factions that are not vampires. We chose these two to start because of the deep hatred and they are very similar in structure.

Our models will be 32mm and made from Resin. Hopefully to the highest standard. We are all about Quality Nightbane Legacy!

The Skirmish game can be played with a handful of models and scale with your collection with ease designed to play with 5 models to 50+! (hopefully we get that many produced)

We are also developing a massive Role-playing game in the works for the last several years. This will be a pen and paper game played with dice much like Dungeons and dragons set in a high fantasy world. We have elements of technology steam punk and crazy magic as well.

The RPG has 40+ races and an almost endless character customization options! The Skirmish game is based of the characters from the rpg world of Ansoril and the history we have built and are building.

We are a small team working hard to try bring the world of Ansoril to life through our games please feel free to contact us with questions and feed back or ideas! I will start posting constant updates and fluff as we open our world to you!