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Into The Cosmos Print Pre-Order/PDF Available

Cosmic Patrol has their Into The Cosmos sourcebook now available to pre-order on their website.

From the release:

You are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime! The unlimited cosmos stands before you, full of sights and experiences as wild as your imagination. And that’s the key: imagination. Cosmic Patrol is about creating a story and Into the Cosmos gives you more alien races, characters, missions and rocketships to base your galactic adventures on!

Into the Cosmos features:

When in Doubt, Doubt: A new short story of a Cosmic Patrol Intelligence Service agent infiltrating a Hakhaze base!
Gazetteer: A series of treatises detailing new parts of a dangerous cosmos!
Rocketships: Eight ships Patrolmen may use or encounter while cruising the deep black!
Dossiers: New heroes and villains for players to use or fight against. Martians! Hakhaze! Ro-Men! Neptunian Frog Men! Humungulous!
Missions: Twenty-three Mission Briefs to challenge even the most courageous Patrolman!

The cosmos has millions of ways to kill you. When it tries, call the Patrol!