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Into the Bayou Book for Through The Breach Now Available As PDF

Now when I was just a little boy, standin' to my Daddy's knee
My Poppa said, "son don't let the man get you and do what he done to me."
Ok, my dad never actually said that. But I can't read "Into the Bayou" without thinking of some CCR.
Well, whether you go running through the jungle when playing Through the Breach, or just sit on your back porch, you can get your copy of the pdf version of Into the Bayou now.


Just east of Malifaux City is a rather extensive swamp. In it lives a whole bunch of gremlins. They're a mischievous group, not entirely known about, what with their cobbled-together weapons and exotic forms of magic. But this book will help shed some light on the pint-sized subject. In fact, you'll be able to make your own gremlin characters, as well as have access to new Pursuits for your games.