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Interjection Games Launches Strange Magic 2 Kickstarter

As we all know by now, I feel that you can never have too many options when it comes to your RPG. You should be able to create the character you want when playing, and having more resources to help make that character a reality is good. That's why Interjection Games made their Strange Magic supplement. It was a success and so they're following it up with Strange Magic 2, up now on Kickstarter.

So, what sort of new magic systems are there? Well, there's Herbalism, which is a plant-based chaotic-esque style of magic (great for your elven druids in the party). then there's deckbuilding cartomancy, because deck-building games and elements are getting to be everywhere these days (not a complaint). Finally, there's a take on traditional Japanese spellcasting (called onmyodo). That uses various things like petitions to the spirits (kami), as well as warding talismans and shikigami allies.

The rules in the book bring these systems to Pathfinder as well as 5th Edition.

The campaign is pretty close to their goal already with still 20 days left on the clock.