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Innovative Strategy magazine wins top gaming award

Battlespace has won the Gaming Genius Award.

From the announcment:

Battlespace has been named Best Game Oriented Magazine in this year’s Gaming Genius Awards.

The results were announced at the 2011 Montreal Comicon and full listings have been published online today.

The Gaming Genius Awards, or 'Golden Pawns', are awards bestowed by the International Gamers Guild to recognise genius in the design, manufacture, publishing, and practice in the hobby games field. They are awarded to nominees across the hobby game industry in a variety of categories that cover the excellence of the field.

Battlespace innovates the concept of a digital magazine for the gaming industry through a contemporary, cutting-edge design coupled with an interactive, animated Flash format.

"I'm grateful to the International Gamers Guild for launching the 2011 Gaming Genius Awards this year and honoured by the vote of confidence in the magazine," Battlespace editor- in-chief, James Dillon said.

"Battlespace is a free strategy gaming magazine that takes pride in being independent and open to the entire strategy industry and community. If you have any story or feature news you would like to share with the industry, please feel free to contact us for upcoming issues."

The news comes just before the release of the October/November issue of Battlespace.

The upcoming issue will focus on real-time strategy gaming as well as looks at gaming art design, independent designer profiles, board games features and a tabletop miniature battle report.

Strategy gamers can subscribe to the magazine for free, join the Facebook page or follow it on Twitter by visiting us here.