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Inkognito Mardi Gras Giveaway Contest

Ares Games is having a special Inkognito giveaway contest over on their Facebook page.


From the campaign:

It’s Carnival time, and Ares Games wants you to get in the proper mood with the Inkognito Mardi Gras Giveaway Contest, to win a copy of our game Inkognito - A Carnival of Spies in Venice.

Post on our Facebook page a video, image, thought or quote/gag about Carnival, the Spies or Venice. Everything goes, as long as it fits the theme. Look for our Inkognito Mardi Gras Giveaway Contest - Post here! post on the page, post your entry as a comment, share it with your friends and get them to like it!

The contest starts today, February 28th, and ends on Tuesday, March 4th. Six copies of INKOGNITO - A Carnival of Spies in Venice will be given away as prizes: one each to the three posts with more “Like”, and one each to three best posts according to the judgement of the Ares Games’ staff.

Get in the Carnival mood, post your entry, and good luck!