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Initiative Magazine Issue 7 Now Available

When you're done reading up on TGN stories for the day, and you've already listened to all the podcasts for the week, what can you do to fill up more of your day with gaming? Well, you can check out a gaming magazine. For example, the latest issue of Initiative Magazine is now available for your downloading and reading pleasure.

In this issue:

Issue 7 and it’s another magnificent mag for you (if I do say so, myself). I hope everyone is recovered from Salute and the Game Expo, in the UK at least. For our readers in other countries, I hope you have some eagerly awaited tournaments and cons lined up to attend. If that is the case, why not write in and tell us? We would love to hear about them.

In this issue Bob has a look at Freeblades by DGS games, Kyle interviews the mind behind Imbrian Arts and Davide brings us an interview with fantastic painter Nicole Matano. We have our usual selection of reviews, including a look at the Conan board game by Monolith. Alongside this we have some tutorials to help you keep hobbying.