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Initiative Magazine Issue 4 Now Available

See? I told you that there were a couple new magazines available for your reading pleasure. If you want to fill every part of your day with gaming, having some of these on hand while you've got a bit of time (waiting for an appointment, on a lunch break, on the bus/train, hanging out at the LGS, waiting for the rest of your gaming group) is a great way to do that. This time around it's Issue #4 of Initiative Magazine.

So, what's in this issue? There's an in-depth look at Bushido (editor's note: one of my favorite minis games). Then, you can learn to paint white (a whole lot harder than just "slap some white paint on it," as you well know). Learn how to make slate bases for your minis. For those that are looking to paint up some pre-heresy Alpha Legion armor, there's an article about that, too. There's also various review articles so you can know what's best to pick up this holiday season.

You can get your copy now.