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Infinity October Releases

Corvus Belli SLL have provided information about their October releases:

From their announcement:

Loup-Garou. (Box with 4 male figures). A new multi-part unit box providing all remaining weapon options of this fearsome Merovingian troops. If the Loup-Garous are capable to fight and stop the Dog-Warriors riots, with their Viral Special Ammunition… do you dare to imagine what they can do against any enemy of Ariadna?

Nisses (MULTI Sniper Rifle) Unfortunately for her enemies, the longly awaited PanOceanian fan-favourite Nisse Sniper has arrive to the battlefield. This troop joins a long range weapon with a good BS Attribute, the Mimetism Special Skill and a Multispectral Visor L2. The Nisses don´t fear the storm, because they are the storm!

Hussein Al-Djabel, Hassassin Fiday. (Rifle + Light Shotgun, Viral CCW). New release! Al-Djabel is a veteran Fiday, a professional killer with a legendary reputation, the true Destroying Angel. Now, with this special character, Haqqislamite players of the Hassassin Bahram Sectorial Army can deploy 3 Fidays on the table!

Sogarat (HMG). New release! This mythical Morat Heavy Infantry dominates the entire battlefield, sweeping the enemy from the zone of operations through aggressive and extreme use of maximum fire power.

Father Lucien Sforza, Authorized Bounty-Hunter. (Viral Rifle + ADHL). New release! Father Sforza is an unique bounty hunter who has the appearance of a gunslinger gentleman. Yu Jing players can officially play this mercenary miniature in the ITS with Imperial Service army lists. Thanks to his X-Visor, the enhanced range of the Viral Rifle with Adhesive Launcher attached allows Sforza to get anybody dead or alive.