Infinity May 2011 releases

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May 30th, 2011

Corvus Belli have posted details of their May 2011 releases for Infinity.

112, Emergency Service. (Light Shotgun, CCW) (Ariadna). The 112 collaborates with the Ariadnan army as an auxiliary rescue and medical assistance force. Their training as emergency response unit in the frontier territories of Ariadna turns them into field medics, as well as firemen and trackers. The 112 are the cheapest and easiest Doctors the Ariadnan players can line up. For the 112 members to be engaged in combat means a new opportunity to break things down with their hatchets and crowbars.
7,75 €

Guarda de Assalto. (PanOceania). It is said that PanOceania has the best technology in the whole Human Sphere, and here it is: a Heavy Infantry trooper with a synchronized Remote. Do you know what this means? Double the firepower in active and reactive turns, two models which only provide one ARO to the enemy… yeah, the word you are looking for is… nasty. Don’t miss this blister with one Auxbot and one Guarda de Assalto, with two different weapon options: the basic MULTI Rifle and the Spitfire too.
15,00 €

Haramaki Zensenbutai (Missile Launcher). The Haramaki are samurai warriors with servo-powered armor, intrepid storm troops devoted to the Bushido code who form the spearhead of Yu Jing offensives in the most dangerous war zones. Now you can provide greater firepower to your Haramaki Fireteams with the overwhelming Missile Launcher, the most powerful support weapon of all. Cry Banzai as you unleash a rain of fire over your enemy.
8,75 €

Señor Massacre (AP CCW, E/M CCW) Mercenaries. Here he is. Directly from Aristeia. Underground fight circuits, it’s Señor Massacre. A superb assassin, proficient in close combat, and an expert swordsman and marksman. He is a highly skilled, wisecracking mercenary, who wields a pair of katanas with which he can beat the most powerful and heavily armoured adversaries. And best of all, he possesses the Regeneration Special Skill, so to take him out is extremely difficult for his adversaries. As said by some of his clients, Señor Massacre would be the perfect soldier if he could keep his mouth shut.
7,75 €

ALEPH Probots With this box an ALEPH player can take control of the battlefield’s data sphere and also have a tougher transport and combat Remote. The Probots are robotic support units who grant ALEPH superior access to information and intelligence data, allowing the AI to be more flexible and powerful in battle, granting supremacy in any environment.
28,00 €

  • Tommygun

    I think these may be June releases?
    Or I’m I confused.

    • Psychotic Storm

      May releases, CB always announces the releases the month they take their name from and they get to the stores usually the first week of the next month.

  • Repeter

    Another great round of stuff from CB. Love that 112!

  • Veritas

    Deadpool…I mean Senor Massacre, makes me a happy Nomad player!

    • PanzerKraken

      Hes a Merc

      • Veritas

        A merc who features in the Corregidor sectorial list.

    • cybogoblin

      Dear… gods. They’re not even being subtle about that one.

      Not that I’m complaining. That’s a good looking model, though I’m not sure what his left hand is meant to be doing.

      • Veritas

        The left hand is in a warding pose as he pulls his sword. The out thrust hand splits the opponent’s attention between the immediate threat of the hand ready to strike or grab and the right hand behind his back drawing his sword.

        • cybogoblin

          Ahh, that makes sense. Much more sense than him pretending that his hand is a head and his thumb forms the lower lip and it is trying to talk to the enemy.

  • spacewolflord

    Probots to me are just horrible. It seems that the company can’t make a ok TAG to save their lives. Everything else is great but why can’t they make cool looking TAGS??

    • Probots aren’t TAGs. And there are many cool looking TAGs – Cutter, Szalamandra, Guijia… (for my subjective value of cool looking)

    • Nightbee

      I guess there’s no point in arguing personal taste, but I think most of the TAGs are pretty great. The Szalamadra and Caskuda (they count, right?) are my favorites. I like the Probots too, though…

    • spacewolflord

      Ok I don’t play enough to remember that TAGS and Remotes are different. Its the remotes that I dislike the “legs”. I just dislike the ‘bottom’ half of the models. Not enough stompy legs, or big crunchy wheels…. They are just so spindly and small.