Infinity March releases

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Mar 14th, 2011

Corvus Belli have posted details and pricing for their March 2011 Infinity releases.

Ariadna Dozers, Field Engineers (Akrylat-Kanone) 7,75 €
The Dozers are the Ariadna’s field engineers and the responsibles of the robotic Traktor Muls, in both versions, the unarmed de-mining/transport and also the campaign light artillery carrier. But, in Ariadna, even the engineers have to fight in frontline, by this reason, the Dozers carry the Akrylat-Kanone, a weapon capable to stop the most powerful adversary without damage his armour or equipment, so, later, they can recover and recycle it!

PanOceania Magister Knights 33,25 €
A new Infinity unit box. With this release you can build all the different weapon options of the Magisters and compose an Infinity Fireteam of this fierce warriors of God. The Magister Knights are picked out between the most fanatical members of the Military Order to which they belong. Specialized in close combat, the fearsome Magisters are armoured monks with a mission: to fight and to kill in defense of God and PanOceania.

Haqqislam Khawarijs (Rifle + Light Shotgun) 7,75 €
An old and discontinued release has come back! The Khawarijs, literally the “Red Turbans”, are the members of the Haqqislamite Supersoldier program. Their biogenetically enhanced skills provided them a superior mobility, being able to jump amazing distances and altitudes. The Khawarij of the old Haqqislam Starter Pack is release now for all the new and recent Haqqislamite players who cannot take it. Get rid of your enemies by surprise with this extraodinary light assault trooper!

ALEPH Dasyus (Hacker) 7,75 €
The cyberwarfare specialist of the ALEPH’s stealth unit is one of the most fearsome adversaries for any technified army. The Daysu Hacker can be deployed hidden in the game table thanks to her Infiltration and Thermo-Optic Camouflage Special Skills combination, making her a valuable attack and ambush troopers. Let you be hacked by this sexy and dynamic female operator!

  • GS_topcow

    Love to see the Khawarijs stays the same, its one of my favorite minis from the first wave, and one that should definitely see more table time.

    only thing worng with this releases, no monkeys, no ju ying…

    • cybogoblin

      Maybe they’ll be getting a big push next month.

      • GS_topcow

        to be fair, monkeys have been getting a lot of coverage for a while… i just like them…a lot.

  • Psychotic Storm

    great releases, as always and models the factions really needed.