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Infinity July 2011 releases

Corvus Belli have sent details and photos of their July 2011 releases for Infinity.

Yu Jing O-Yoroi Kidobutai (TAG) 35,75 €
The most expected Yu Jing model has arrived, and in the most pure anime spirit. The O-Yoroi is the samurai T.A.G. No more words are necessary. A warrior hearkening to past eras, with honor as his ensign and the katana as his personal weapon, but also gifted with the best modern military technologies, a rapid fire HMG, a Heavy Flamethrower, and a pair of nasty CrazyKoalas. The O-Yoroi is the elite of Japanese military forces. Cry Banzai! and charge towards the enemy!

Ariadna S.A.S. (Chain Rifle) 7,75 €
The men and women of the Special Ariadna Service (S.A.S. for short) are the Caledonian infiltators. Their motto is “Who dares, wins”. And they like to dare to reach close to their enemies, sweeping through them with their close quarters combat weapons: the simple Chain Rifle and the Assault Pistol, with its high rate of fire. Don’t forget - the closer a S.A.S. operator is to you, the more dangerous he is!

Haqqislam Asawira Regiment (Spitfire) 8,75 €
Highly mobile elite Heavy Infantry specialized in special operations. The Asawira are the only armoured troopers capable to join the Hassassins in their difficult elimination missions. Thanks to their Regeneration Special Skills this dynamic figure can keep fighting when the enemy considered it was a casualty. Let the versatile Spitfire support weapon option be the spearhead of your offensives!

Combined Kurgat, Reg. of Assault Engineers (Autocannon) 8,75 €
The Kurgat are the Assault Engineers of the Morat forces. Honoring the legendary Morat tradition of violence, they are more specialized in to make explode enemies and to clear the path of hostile forces rather than to repair things. Armed with the mighty and devastating Autocannon, the Kurgat can destroy the toughtest enemy. Do you want to know where are the Kurgats in the battlefield? Just follow the sound of the explosions.

ALEPH Dakini Tactbots (HMG) 7,75 €
The Dakinis are the tactical Remotes wich compose the backbone of the ALEPH’s Special Situations Section. This light and versatile soldier Remotes are ready to carry out the human A.I. special missions or to support the police operations of the Yu Jing’s Imperial Service. With this release, not only ALEPH players get reinforced with the HMG, the most powerful support weapon, but also Yu Jing players can add now a new troop in their Imperial Sectorial Army.