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Infinity January release details

Corvus Belli have sent further details of their January 201 releases for Infinity. We previously posted photos of these figures. PanOceania Teutonic Knights (Spitfire) 8,75 Euros It’s said that the Teutonic Knights are characterized by an unshakeable faith and outrageous warlike fervor, and also they are the most fanatical of troops in combat. This Teuton Knight armed with the fast Spitfire will not stop to shoot to the enemy untilreach the close combat. Now all PanOceanian players can greet their adversaries in the Teuton style, with a high caliber close-up burst. Hassassin Muyibs (Rifle + Light LG, D.E.P.) 3,25 Euros Haqqislamite players can now create more complete and varied Muyib Fireteams, with these new weapon options. The Light Grenade Launcher can provide a rain of death over the enemy, but also a smoke curtain to cover the advance of allied troops. On the other side, the D.E.P. is the last goodbye kiss to the adversary. The Muyibs are the jack-of-all-trades of the Hassassin sect, tough and versatile troops that can be employed in different aggressive combat roles. Do you fancy to blow away some enemies? Now its your turn with the Muyibs. Nomads Prowlers (Spitfire) 7,75 Euros The Special Action Service, better known as the Prowlers, is a sort of improved commando unit, with competences and specific skills, created with the sole purpose of making early contact with the enemy and causing the most possible damage. And there is no weapon like the Spitfire to cause damage in short and medium range. Don’t get wrong by the quiet stance of this Nomads troop, he is capable to break up the advance of any enemy force. Combined Army Yaogat Strike Infantry (Multi Sniper Rifle) 7,75 Euros The Yaogat Strike Infantry is the Morat hunter-killer unit. They are specialized in hunting down enemy hidden sharpshooters, and their best anti-sniping operator is the Yaogat Sniper. Combining his Multispectral Visor L2 and the range of his sniper rifle, this Morat Medium Infantry trooper can detect and eliminate any camouflaged unit. The Yaogat Sniper can not only form part of a Yaogat Fireteam, but can also dominate the battlefield from the rearguard. ALEPH Sophotects (Doctor, Engineer) 8,75 Euros The Sophotects are the technical support and immediate reaction medical operatives of the ALEPH’s little army. They are equipped with an expensive Mother-Forge, a highly sophisticated device that allows them to program military and medical nanotechnology. This figure is essential to any ALEPH player, not only to recover troops and equipment, but too by its sexy modelling.