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Infinity Hologram downloads

Corvus Belli have added hologram graphics for Infinity to their Downloads page.

From their website:
All along Infinity’s trajectory in the market, many players have requested the image files of the different holograms of Hackers and Engineers, and other graphic items supplied as acetate sheets, be downloadable for use in conversions or scenery projects.
Until now, Corvus Belli usually has sent image files by e-mail to any players who have asked for them. However, this was not enough, so Corvus Belli, listening to the Infinity Community’s requests, has gone one step further.
Finally, by popular demand, from April the complete range of the different holograms for all Infinity factions will be available completely free from the Infinity official website.

Once all holograms are available to the Infinity Community, the sense of exclusivity provided by the acetate sheets included in the blisters is lost. So, from April the acetate sheets supplied with figures like the Hackers and Engineers will no longer be provided.
This measure is applied to future releases from April inclusively and retroactively to previous releases once stocks run out.
Those acetate sheets with a structural value to the figure, like the wings of the Combined Army’s Iskallers, Drones and Caskuda, and those that have an in-game function that cannot be replaced by a Marker, such as the Combined Army Gwailos’ Nanoscreen or the Bashi Bazouk’s Holoechoes, will still be provided with the figure.
Thank you very much and don’t forget to visit the Infinity site’s Download section.