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Infinity February releases

Corvus Belli have posted details of their February 2011 releases for Infinity.

From their announcement:
Highlander Caterans (T2 Sniper Rifle) 14,00 €
The Caterans are discredited clan warriors who have become bandits and highwaymen. They take advantage from their Limited Camouflage Special Skill to ambush their targets from hidden positions. A single Cateran can immobilize an entire enemy force thanks to their powerful long range sniper rifle loaded with T2 Special Ammunition. Moreover, this release comes with an amazing scenery base, but if you only want it just to play you can build it on a small round base. And don’t forget the Caterans can be hired as mercenaries too.

Order Sergeants (Combi Rifle) 13,25 €
The Order Sergeants are the core of the PanOceanian Military Orders, experienced soldiers that supports the aggressive actions of the armoured knights. Now you can increase your number of this useful troop with this blister which compiled the figures previously released in the Military Order Sectorial Starter Pack. Fight in the name of God and PanOceania with the Order Sergeants!

Oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune (Monofilament CCW) 7,75 €
Shinobu Kitsune, the Oniwaban special character, is proudly released with two different pair of arms, so the player can choose which pose he likes more. Many people has talked about this ghostly ninja, but nobody has seen her. Finally the legendary Shinobu Kitsune materializes in the game table and her adversaries will deplore the moment this sexy stealth killing machine appeared.

Carlota Kowalsky & Moriarty (Combi Rifle + Light FT) 13,25 €
The Tomcats’ special character has arrived. And not alone. As usual, her loyal and always battle-damaged Zondcat, Moriarty, is with her. Carlota Kowalsky is the best operator of the Tomcat special unit, not only capable to repair anything but also to stop the heaviest foes with her Adhesive-Launcher. The Nomad players can breathe again, this daring duo has come to save the day.

Kurgat Reg. of Assault Engineers (Mk12, D-Charges) 7,75 €
The Kurgat are the Assault Engineers of the Morat forces. Honoring the legendary Morat tradition of violence, they are more specialized in to make explode enemies and to clear the path of hostile forces rather than to repair things. Armed with the Mk12, the Kurgat can cover the medium-long range of the battlefield with potent firepower. Do you want to know where are the Kurgats in the battlefield? Just follow the sound of the explosions.