Infinity August release details

Corvus Belli have sent details of their August 2010 releases for Infinity. We posted photos of these releases previously.

Combined Army The Hungries: Gakis and Pretas 33,25 Euros
The Hungries (Gakis and Pretas). (Combined Army) New version. The Hungries are a bastard race found by the Evolved Intelligence on some forgotten planet. The female version, the Gakis, are pure CC rage, instead the Pretas, females carrying a male symbiont, can perform template attacks too. As the Combined Army players desired, The Hungries are now released in a four multi-part figures box which allow to build both versions. Cry Havoc and let slip these alien beasts of war.

Shock Army of Acontecimento (PanOceania Sectorial Starter Pack) 33,25 Euros
Shock Army of Acontecimento, Sectorial Starter Pack. (PanOceania) New release. A new miniature box containing a compilation of previously released figures. The best choice to start a Sectorial PanOceanian army from planet Acontecimento. The soldiers of Acontecimento are used to winning tactical superiority through sweat and hard work, and fighting in the stifling heat of jungles. In this box you will find: 3 Acontecimento Regulars, 2 with Combi Rifle and 1 with Combi Rifle + Light Grenade Launcher, the backbone of this Sectorial Army; 1 Bagh-Mari with Combi Rifle, a jungle specialist elite trooper; 1 Akal Sikh Commando with Boarding Shotgun, an airborne warrior who never surrenders; and 1 Knight of Montesa with Combi Rifle, an armoured knight who always deploys in advance ready to fight, thanks to his Mechanized Deployment Special Skill. The operations of the Shock Army are characterized by their dynamic and aggressive tactics. Join them in the midst of battle.

ALEPH Nagas (Hacker) 7,75 Euros
Nagas. (Hacker) (ALEPH) One of the most celebrated figure of the ALEPH Starter Pack is now released in a separate blister. The jungle infiltrators of ALEPH can also be fielded in the Panoceanian Acontecimento Sectorial Army to help humanity fight the alien menace of the E.I.’s Combined Army in the Paradiso theater of operations. This camouflaged tactical Hacker is an advanced and effective spearhead for any info-war assault.

Ariadna Métros (Rifle, Rifle and Light Grenade Launcher) 13,25 Euros
Métros. (Rifle and Light Grenade Launcher, Rifle) (Ariadna) New release. The Ariadnan players can now to make army lists from the Merovingian Rapid Reaction Force, the French Sectorial Army from the Dawn planet. The Merovingian base troops of the Ariadna army are a cheap light infantry unit that can be infiltrated in enemy territory too. By this way, the Métros can leave the typical defensive role and get into action. This summer, the infantry speaks French.

Yu Jing Keisotsu Butai (Missile Launcher) 7,75 Euros
Keisotsu. (Missile Launcher) (Yu Jing) (Blister containing 1 male figure). The core unit of the Yu Jing’s Japanese Sectorial Army is reinforcered now with the most powerful support weapon. The cheapest Infinity Fireteams of the whole Yu Jing army get with this weapon the range and suppressive power required to support the close quarter combat specialized Japanese warriors. Keisotsu means “Excellent soldier” and the attitude of this figure modelled by Fernando Liste says it knows it is.