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Infinity August 2011 releases

Corvus Belli have posted details of their August 2011 releases for Infinity.

PanOceania Hexas (MULTI Sniper) 7,75 €
The PanOceanian invisible markswoman has arrived. She is equipped with Thermo-Optical Camouflage to accomplish the secret agenda of the Intelligence High Command. The Hexas lack scruples or conscience, for them, the triumph of PanOceania always justifies the means.

Nomads Sin-Eater Observants (HMG) 7,75 €
The military tasks of the male counterparts of the Reverend Moiras are to cover the advance of the Observance troops providing support fire and also to protect the Nomad settlements. The Sin-Eaters will stand out during your enemy’s active turn, when you can take advantage from their Neurocinetics Special Skill which allows them to shoot the complete Burst of their weapons. A single Sin-Eater Observant can become the key element of any Nomad defensive tactic.

Haqqislam Kameel Remote 28,00 €
With this box the Haqqislamite player can take control of the battlefield’s data sphere but also to have a tougher transport and combat Remote. The Kameel Remote is a multipurpose robotic unit that can be employed as a logistical transportation vehicle, a mine-sweeper, a communications and cybernetic control unit in info-war scenarios, and also as a defense platform.

ALEPH Myrmidon Officer (Combi Rifle, Boarding Shotgun) 7,75 €
Created to lead the most effective and fierce assault troops in the Human Sphere, the Myrmidon Officers are warriors of such quality and courage that they are worthy of having fought side by side with the legendary heroes of the Trojan War. With this single blister you will have both weapon options to choose, the Combi Rifle or the Boarding Shotgun, as it comes with two different left arms. Being the Lieutenant or your combat force or just using her useful Chain of Command Special Skill, this impressive female Officer will lead you to the glory. Check in the Infinity website her troop profile updated with a new game option.