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Infestation, a Game of Bugs and Heroes Kickstarter Hatches

Third Eye Games launched their Kickstarter campaign for Infestation, their new RPG.



From the campaign:

Third Eye Games is excited to announce our newest family-friendly RPG, Infestation: a Game of Bugs and Heroes. In this game, players take on the role of various bugs who gained intelligence from a house-wide event called The Awakening. They go on crazy adventures in various rooms (each with its own dangers) and battle for control over This House, the most disgusting and filthy domicile on the block. Every room, from Cabinet City to The Stinker to The Mange, is a treasure trove of garbage and filth and just waiting for your bugs to explore them. If you’re part of the ruling species you may get to take your pick of the treasure, otherwise you’ll need to use your instincts to take what you can.