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Infamy posts Kickstarter Q&A

Infamy Miniatures has posted up a Q&A about their upcoming Kickstarter project. Be informed before you pledge!



From the post:

When is the Kickstarter launching?
On Thursday 10th July at 8pm BST (12 noon PDT, 5pm EDT, 9pm CET).

How long will it run?
The campaign will run for 21 days, finishing on Sunday 3rd August at 10pm BST (2 pm PDT, 6 pm EDT, 11 pm CET).

What pledge levels will there be in the Kickstarter?
I have a wide range of pledges ready to go, starting at £1 for Digital (to get access to the living rulebook only) and £3 for Gateway (a basic buy-in where you can then add whatever you choose to your pledge) going all the way up to Lifer at £1,750 (every Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke release forever).

I suspect the pledges folks will be most interested in will be:
Skirmish - £55 - Four regular minis, one large mini and early-access to the Living Rulebook (Save £18 on RRP)
Battle - £85 - Six regular minis, two large minis and early-access to the Living Rulebook (Save £33 on RRP)
Massacre - £130 - Eight regular minis, three large minis, one x-large mini and access to the Living Rulebook (save £53 on RRP)