Infamy Miniatures crosses £50k

Infamy Miniatures made it up and over another stretch goal in their Kickstarter campaign. With still 19 days left, there’s plenty more stretch goals to go.



From the campaign:

Gunnery is a rather wild model that evolved from a fairly simple idea. The basic principle of it is that Gunnery, a favoured Lost Boy, suffered a horrendous crash, leaving him paralysed from the waist down. He needed something to transport him around and I needed to come up with something to facilitate it. What was supposed to be a small technological addition became this massive machine! I probably shouldn’t have watched a certain film that sounds like Gritty City Gang Prang during the development process!

Gunnery’s background is that an earlier raid had secured this experimental flying automobile for the Lost Boys gang and a perfect fit was made. Now Gunnery can roam the skies and defend his brothers and sisters from above.