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Infamy Brings The Black Market to Salute 2015

Infamy is another vendor headed to Salute this Saturday, and they'll be bringing the Black Market with them. Not, like, the real black market, or I'm sure the Bobbies would be waiting for them. No, this Black Market is full of steampunk-inspired miniatures goodness. Many of the miniatures are pre-releases that won't be available for general retail until sometime next year. Those that can't make the show can also go online to make orders for certain figures as well, but only on Saturday. check after the cut for details.
They'll also have demos of their game, Welcome to the Big Smoke. Sign up early to make sure you get to try it out.

From the announcement:

Infamy Miniatures are set to bring a ton of new stuff to Salute 2015 at London’s ExCeL on Saturday 25th April!

Many of the models unlocked in the Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke Kickstarter (that have never been seen outside of Infamy HQ’s inner sanctum) will be built and on show! Shiny new things like the intricacies of Paranormal or the massiveness of Big Boss will be ready to see.

There will also be a demo board where you can play a quick taster of Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke. You’ll need to sign up so get to the Infamy stand early and find whoever has the registration sheet if you want to have a game!

The Black Market is an opportunity to release cool new stuff at the show without selling any items that were unlocked during the Kickstarter. There are pre-release casts of upcoming non-Kickstarter models (minis that won’t get a standard release until some time in 2016 no less!) and other awesome Infamy goodies in the form of larger scale treats!

If you are coming to the show and would like to reserve items (there will be limited availability of everything) then you can do so in a form on the Infamy website -

Almost everything that’s available at Salute will also launch on the Infamy miniatures online store at 00.01 am on Saturday morning (UK time) and be available until 11.59 pm on Sunday 26th April (UK time again!) -

The following are pre-release models that won’t join the main range until 2016 and they are available at some rather bargain prices (available while stock lasts):

- Flower Girl – £10 (save £3 on the RRP)
- Princess Outis – £10 (save £3 on the RRP)
- Close Combat Futura – £15 (save £3 on the RRP)
- Ranged Futura – £15 (save £3 on the RRP)

In addition there are two rather spectacular new Limited Edition busts. Until 2016 these will only be available through the Black Market.

- Nikola Tesla Bust – £25 (Save £3 on the RRP)
- Jo March Bust – £25 (Save £3 on the RRP)

At the show there are also some added freebies. If you spend over £25 on Black Market items you’ll get a random postcard. If you spend over £50 you’ll get an A3 poster (showing one of the most popular pieces of Infamy art, the Tea Machine) as well! Spend over £80 and your items will be put in a free screen printed Infamy tote bag.

The Black Market Deck will be an awesome bonus for Salute. Perfect for playing any card games or for use in games of Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke, only 250 of these luxury playing card decks will ever be made. There will be a general release deck later on but these ones are a bit special:

- Black Market card backs and background texture
- Custom Black Market tuck box
- Printed on 310gsm linen card stock for an awesome feel
- Black core layer centre to block light shining through
- Infamy Black Market stamped bag (can be used as a dice bag).

If you want to get all of the Black Market items the Infamy Ton will be perfect! It contains a veritable horde of Black Market goods for £100 and at a big discount. In addition it contains a Master Cast of the Beast of Bakerloo!

The Beast of Bakerloo’s Master Casts come from the very first moulds made for this brand new sculpt. These pre-production moulds allow the caster to get great quality casts of the traditional sculpt before using them in mass-production.

Normally just one mould is made but in this case two master moulds have been made to allow for extra casts. This will be the only chance for anyone to get hold of the Beast until next year and also means that numbers are rather limited for the Infamy Tons! To ensure you get one please head to the stand early or use the Reservation Form.