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Infamy, a new sci-fi board game of intrigue by Mercury Games is up on Kickstarter

Mercury Games is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund Infamy, their sci-fi board game about intrigue and guile in the cyberpunk world.

From the campaign:

Coming off the resounding success of our first Kickstarter project "The Guns of Gettysburg", Mercury Games is pleased to announce our second Kickstarter game: Infamy by Travis R. Chance and featuring artwork by Sean Chen!

Infamy is a unique twist on the “crime minion wants to become crime boss” story. In a distant future, you play the part of an aspiring criminal, a Freelancer, who sees a new opportunity to ply his particularly nasty skills on the Martian colony of ARES-6. But ambition won't be enough to carve out a piece of Mars that's all your own. You need to prove yourself useful to the current crime bosses on the planet, before trying to force your way to the top!

Travel to the many seedy sectors of ARES-6 while gathering Resources and accomplishing Missions for one of three factions in the colony. Gain Reputation among the factions and gain Infamy from finishing missions others are too afraid to attempt. To climb the corrupted rungs of these ladders you are going to need help. Meet and negotiate with underworld Contacts to use their skills to help you succeed. The trouble is, other freelancers with aspirations like your own are also trying to deal with your contacts. You’ll have to be more adept than your rivals at bribing to secure the help you need. If you play your cards right you can also Scheme your way to the top of Mars’ infamous colony.

Infamy is designed by Travis R. Chance and is accompanied by a host of stunning cyberpunk visuals during gameplay that make this game one of 2013's finest. A game for 3-4 players, Infamy brings a unique bidding system, simultaneous travel mechanism and interesting card play together with a sci-fi, crime story, off-world genre not often gamed.

Speaking of visuals, we're thrilled to feature the work of many talented artists, including Sean Chen who is noted for his work in comic books including Iron Man* and Wolverine*.

Infamy's visually-stunning all-new artwork takes you to a distant dystopian cyberpunk world, and the gameplay will keep bringing you back for more.