Incursion t-shirts available

Grindhouse Games are offering Incursion t-shirts for a limited time.

From their website:

Hey folks, we’re doing a small print run of shirts for Grindhouse staff. Yes, we’re that new…we don’t even have proper shirts yet :-). We need to order by Friday to make our deadline for a big launch event that’s happening March 27th. John, Tammy, and I got to thinking that perhaps you guys might also want a shirt while we’re at it. To that end, we’ve put up some (very) temporary buy buttons in the online store here

Please order by midday, USA central time this Friday, March 5. That’s when the order goes in to our printer. The shirts will not be available after that unless we just happen to have some extras. The great news is that these are being printed at Circle R in California with whom we’ve done probably a dozen runs over the last few years for club shirts, Warhammer events, etc. The date is solid. None of that China nonsense. (cold shiver)