Incursion “Stupid Good Deals”

Grindhouse Games are offering two discounted Incursion bundles.

From their website:

Hey gang, we’ve reached a point where we’re ready to jump into the next level of Grindhouse development and need cash. It’s been a great year so far and it’s time to move forward.For the next two weeks, terminating on October 2, 2010, were offering Stupid Good Deal numbers one and two. You can find them over in “the game” section of the webstore. Stupid Good Deal #1 is the game, an Allied, and a German starter set for 100 bucks. The first 25 orders will also get an extra set of sturmzombies (6 models) and a pair of Bomberzombies. Stupid Good Deal #2 is the boxed game plus a sampling of models for thirty bucks. Stupid cheap.

Fence-sitters, this should decide things for you. Old skool Incursion fans, here’s a shot at helping us out more and bulking up your game cheap.

Tell the whole family. Ends in two weeks.

Update: Grindhouse have added Stupid Good Deal #3 and Stupid Good Deal #4.