Incursion shipping update

Grindhouse Games have posted an update on the shipping status of their Incursion Weird WWII boardgame

From their website:

I have just received notice from the shipping company that our precious was delayed at the port of Shenzhen for 2 weeks but has been en-route since last week. I wish the story was more exciting. Maybe a typhoon or the ship was attacked by Indonesian pirates or something but no.

Anyway, the US shipment will be at the port of Los Angeles on January 19th and here at the Grindhouse the next week. We have all the sets of miniatures in tins, resin bases and doors and free miniatures sitting here in great big stacks, ready for shipping when the precious gets here. Shipping labels are printed, customs forms are filled out, and shipping boxes assembled. Giant bags of foam peanuts await their duty.