Incursion shipping update

Grindhouse Games have posted an update to the shipping status of Incursion games from the US. From their website:
Bad news. I spent the day yesterday awaiting the arrival of the US shipment. At the end of the maddening day I received apologetic correspondence saying the shipper had incorrect information and that the stock did not in fact clear customs until Monday, that it will be here in SA tomorrow and at the Grindhouse early next week. It blows my mind. We’re now at month two on an estimated one month delivery :-) All orders through West Wind have shipped as that stock has indeed arrived. Furthermore, I have asked Wendy to go ahead and ship all European orders that came through this store (that do not have an additional miniatures component) from her stock and those have also shipped. Thank you Wendy. For those of you in the North America, Australia, (and one order from Indonesia), I ask for your patience just a little longer. We will ship the day after we get the stock. I am happy to offer refunds if you just can’t wait but I imagine there won’t be any takers on that :-)