Incursion shipping update

Grindhouse Games have posted an update on the status of their incoming shipment of Incursion board games.

From their website:

All I can say is if you think you guys are on the edge of your seats, you should climb inside my skull for a minute. I’m about to become entirely unhinged :-).

All is good. I now at last have confirmation that both ships did indeed reach port last week for the European and the US shipment though both were a couple of days late (well, things are now a month late in total). Both shipments cleared customs and are now in ground transportation mode. The stock should be at West Wind literally any minute. The shipment to Grindhouse in the USA will be here in San Antonio in a couple of days but then has to get sorted and dispatched from a local warehouse.

Long story short: we’re shipping to all you fine folks next week.

Thanks all for your patience and your trust in us. I really really appreciate it. Be assured that I will make a blog post within minutes of each shipment’s arrival.

Thanks guys. Feel free to email me if you have any individual concerns.