Incursion MI-13 rules and cards available

Grindhouse Games have posted the final rules and game cards for the MI-13 figures for their Incursion Weird WWII boardgame. From their website:
Hey gang, I am really hamfisted when it comes to website maintenance. While attempting to upload MI-13 stuff, I somehow screwed up the Downloads page. While we await Tim’s ministrations, you can download the PDF by clicking here. Note that Gracie is not complete so we have no photos or art just yet. Rules and a stand-in card are included in the pdf though. Will update as soon as these bits are available. Tom Schadle is working away and has sent us some previews of the painted MI-13. Very nice :-). Should be complete and posted in the next week or so. Remember, the MI-13 infantry models are available in the store here on this website and through West Wind.