Incursion MI-13 pre-release

Grindhouse Games are selling a pre-release pack of their Incursion/Secrets of the Third Reich British MI-13 miniatures.

From their website:

The basic infantry models and Paddy Mayne are ready. I guess you could call this a soft release. People have been clamoring for the models so we are putting them up for pre-release with no whistles and bells. Keith Lowe is finishing up the art, Ian Brumby of Fenris is finishing up the new light mech: Gracie that completes the set, bazillion Golden Demon winner Tom Schadle is painting up the models, and after that we have to get the packaging printed for a proper retail release but in the interim, here they are in the Allies section of the store.

This pre-release pack is only available as a set. It will be available any day now at West Wind in the UK so keep you eyes peeled. Orders from this store will ship next week. All models will be available through individual clamshell packs as well as the boxed starter set within the next couple of months as we finish our mountain of tasks and gear up for retail release. Get your pack now…

MI-13 Pre-Release
This 23 piece pack contains 7 complete models: 2x Gut-Gunner, 1x Grenadier, 1x Paddy Mayne, 2x Commando, and 1x Corporal. Paddy’s head is fixed but for the 6 remaining models, we have included 3 gas mask heads with berets, 3 gas mask heads with knit cap, and 3 corporal heads with knit cap, all on sprues. Also included are 7 30mm bases. The Corporal uses the same torso as the basic commando with EM-2 assault rifle.$40.00 USD