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Incursion core game sale

Grindhouse Games is having a sale on their Incursion Weird WWII boardgame. From their announcement:
Sale time. Yippee. Okay gang, as you probably know, space at the Grindhouse is a precious commodity. The Incursion boardgame takes up tons of space. We need to reduce inventory to the tune of a couple hundred copies to make some room. Furthermore, nothing makes me happier than a big rush where we pack like crazy for a few days and load up the truck a couple times. So, between now and September 16, the Incursion boxed game, normally $50 will be available from the Grindhouse website only for a stupid $15. Buy copies for all your friends. Note that you won't likely incur additional shipping charges for a few miniatures so stock up on zeds and APE troopers while you're at it... or fill in any gaps in your collection of Incursion and SNAFU models. Important :the store is not set up to handle bulk shipping. Please contact me for details if you wish to order more than 2 copies in the USA or more than one copy outside the USA. Orders larger than this will be subject to additional shipping charges.