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Important Announcement from Strategic Elite for Brink of Battle

Strategic Elite has decided that they will continue publishing Brink of Battle exclusively through Lulu. If you want to get your copies of the game in pdf., you can do so right away, but print versions of the game will be halted temporarily as Strategic Elite decides on how they exactly what to go through with things on Lulu.


From the announcement:

After much consideration, we here at Strategic Elite have made the business decision to move all of our print and pdf offerings to be sold exclusively on Lulu. This decision was not made lightly, and unfortunately the print version of Epic Heroes will be temporarily unavailable while we explore our color print options on Lulu. The PDF is now available for purchase there.

Any customers who downloaded our PDF’s from Wargame Vault will still be able to access their purchases in their Library. Wargame Vault has assured me that the only items that won’t be available to customers who previously downloaded them are the old Epic Heroes Ashcan (which is now obsolete with the release of the full book).