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Imperial Skies Rulebook Now Available

Imperial Skies Rulebook Now Available

It’s the end of the 19th Century. Technological innovations have made it so man and machine have taken to the skies in large numbers. Smoke-belching behemoths ply the airways as they patrol for enemy flying ships. The enemy is spotted! To battlestations! Wings of smaller aircraft take off, looking to intercept the enemy forces. Massive flying battleships, dreadnaughts, cruisers, and destroyers engage in combat far above the Earth’s surface. That’s the story behind Imperial Skies, which is available now.


Imperial Skies was originally funded via Kickstarter. Though there were some hiccups (as most Kickstarter campaigns end up having), backers have their product. So now it’s time for everyone else to get a chance to buy the game. Brigade Models has added the rulebook, as well as various game accessories (including turning templates and custom dice), to their webshop. The game is designed to be played using their Aeronef, but if you have other ships you think would work, you can certainly use those, too.