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Imperial Raider Expansion Now Available for X-Wing Miniatures Game

The wait is finally over. The Rebels no longer are the only ones that have the huge-scale ships for X-Wing. Imperial players rejoice, as the Imperial Raider is now available at retail outlets. Sure, sure, you might've gotten one at Gen Con. But that's only, like a couple of you. The rest of you out there had to wait.

The Imperial Raider pack comes with not just the Imperial Raider, but an alternate-paint-scheme TIE Advanced. There's also about a bajillion (estimated) cards, tokens, and other things inside the set. There's a whole campaign for using the Imperial Raider versus opponents. Of course, if you don't want to do that, you can just set yours up against your enemy's Corellian Corvette or Medium Transport and go in lasers a-blazin'.