Imperial Armour Volume 10: The Badab War Part II preview

Forge World have posted a preview of the Imperial Armour Volume 10: The Badab War Part II supplement.

From their announcement:

Rumours currently abound regarding the second volume in our exploration of the infamous Badab War, and to whet your appetite we’ve put together this gallery of sample page spreads featuring just a few of the detailed colour profiles and unique special characters that complete the epic saga of Lugft Huron’s fall from grace.

You can find the index page of Imperial Armour Volume 10 here, and while we can’t yet reveal much more than this, rest assured that our Studio Sculptors and Graphic Artists are hard at work on several exciting projects based around some of the elements contained in this hotly-anticipated book.

We’ll be bringing you more exclusive previews of The Badab War Part II over the coming days, so stay tuned for more…