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Imperial Armor, Volume Three, Second Editioin, available from Forge World

Forge World now has their Imperial Armor, Volume Three, Second Edition book available over on their website.

From the announcement:

Imperial Armour Volume Three – Second Edition: The Taros Campaign is the definitive reference for using Forge World’s extensive range of Tau Empire armoured vehicles and battlesuits in games of 6th Edition Warhammer 40,000. This book includes profiles for each and every Tau Empire unit in the Forge World range, from the humble Heavy Gun Drone to the super-heavy Manta, including those units deployed after the bloody conflict on Taros such as the potent XV9 Hazard Close Support Team and our Kroot Auxiliary units.

In addition to this wealth of Tau content, the book contains a fully updated 6th Edition Elysian Drop Troops army list, and expansion rules for fielding Tallarn Desert Raiders using Codex: Imperial Guard, as well as updated 6th Edition rules for Tallarn Mukaali Riders.

This 276-page hardback book is packed with artwork and colour profiles for the forces of the Tau Empire, the Tallarn and Elysian Imperial Guard regiments, and the Avenging Sons and Raptors Space Marine Chapters. It also contains unique scenarios to allow the bitter engagements of the Taros Campaign to be refought on the tabletop.