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Imperial Armor The Siege of Vraks up for order

Forge World has started taking orders for their new Imperial Armor: The Siege of Vraks book over on their website. 288 pages long, it contains lots of updated background information, as well as army lists for some Death Korps and the Renegades of Vraks (though sadly, not the renegades of funk).
You can order now and your books will ship at the end of the week.


From the website:

For eighteen years, the armoury world of Vraks has been subjected to a savage and bitter war, the armies of the Imperium and forces of Chaos ceaselessly fighting each other for control of this once loyal stronghold of the Imperium. Even with the combined might of five Space Marine Chapters, twenty-two Imperial Titans and the near-unending ranks of men and war machines of the Death Korps of Krieg, the outcome is far from certain, for the disciples of Chaos are without number, their vast hordes not only bolstered by vile Daemon Engines from the Warp, but also by an ever-increasing number of warbands of the fearsome Chaos Space Marines.

Imperial Armour – The Siege of Vraks gathers together and presents afresh the story of this monumental conflict, previously published in Imperial Armour Volumes Five, Six and Seven. As well as extensive background information on the siege and the forces engaged in it, such as the Red Scorpions Space Marines Chapter, the Grey Knights and the World Eaters Chaos Space Marines, this 288-page, full colour hardback book contains updated rules and army lists for the Death Korps of Krieg and the Renegades of Vraks. Also included are the heraldry and iconography of the forces deployed to Vraks and rules for the lords and heroes of each faction, including Inquisitor-Lord Hector Rex and the vile Mamon, Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

In order to use this book, you will need the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. This book is available to pre-order today for delivery from Friday 13th February.