Impact! to release Matt Dixon themed miniatures

Impact! Miniatures have announced that Patrick Keith will be sculpting miniatures based on two Matt Dixon artworks. From their website:
We obtained the rights to turn two of Matt Dixon's works of art into miniatures. Patrick Keith who already did two of Impact. most popular beauties (the Beer Garden Beauty and Referee Red) is sculpting the figures. Type OH. will be given a chalice in one hand to act as our 3rd Beer Garden Beauty (specializing in the Tiger's Blood Zlurpee flavours) The Pumpkin Queen will be sculpted pretty much as is (we changed her shoes). She even gets the Vampire Cat sculpted (available seperately and as part of the set). The grinning pumpkin has been sculpted like the artwork but we also did 3 other faces. The pumpkins will be sold as a set of 4 as well to use as great counters for your team. These lovely ladies will be available in pewter sometime in February.