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Impact! to release A Band of Orcs figures

Impact! Miniatures are teaming up with A Band of Orcs to create a series of miniatures. From their announcement:
Impact! Miniatures is pleased to announce a joint venture with heavy metal group A Band of Orcs to produce a 28mm miniature set based on the band. The set will include all five members of the Gore-Stained Axe Tribe including Gogog Bloodthroat, Cretos Filthgrinder, Hulg ElfR.I.P.per, Oog Skullbasher and Gronk!. The sketches are being completed by renowned artist Chuck Lukacs and they will be sculpted by Patrick Keith. The sketches will be released over the coming weeks with the miniatures being released at Gencon in early August. Ty Arthur, content manager for says “Heavy metal music anthems have been a staple of weekly gaming sessions for years, and now the two worlds are about to collide violently as the guitar wielding orcs invade the fantasy miniature market. You don’t get names like “Skullbasher” or “Bloodthroat” through brutal riffs alone though, as poor players are going to find out when these minis hit the gaming table. So pull out the paints, crank up the volume, and hope your gaming group gets spared come the orc Domination.” You can find out more about A Band of Orcs at
Impact! Miniatures was started by gamers to bring to life gaming products for the community. While focused on the fantasy sports genre, Impact! also provides an outlet for amateur sculptors to have their work cast or bring custom miniatures, such as this project, to life. You can find out more at Along with a decade of painting professionally in both watercolour and oil, Chuck Lukacs is also practiced in many different Arts and Crafts. Exploring the paths of Ceramics, Book Arts and Woodengraving after attending College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI, Chuck ultimately found himself painting, and conceptualizing in the SciFi and Fantasy genre’. Chuck has worked for; NBC/Universal, Wizards of the Coast's, Magic the Gathering and Dungeons&Dragons brands, and has authored Fantasy Genesis, a Fantasy Art tutorial and word association game from Impact books, 2010. His major influences include; Art Nouveau, the Pre-Raphaelite & Brandywine Schools, Celtic Art, Ukiyoe, Music Poster and Comic Artists of the 70's, Manga, Anime’, and Graffiti/Protest Art. Chuck is also a huge fan of listening to international podcasts and Comedy when he works, and is a student of Philosophy, World Religion & Mythology, Clean Energy, Traditional Archery, and Homebrewing. Check out Chuck's Website, Sketchbook, or LightPusher Blog Patrick Keith is an award winning sculptor and painter who has provided work for companies such as Impact!, Reaper and Wyrd Miniatures. He likes sculpting females, robots and steampunk characters while listening to movie scores and classic rock. He is also available for private commissions and is particularly susceptible to pizza, Hooters wings, spiced rum and Aristocrat pipe tobacco but prefers cash. Patrick and his wife Vicky provided layout, art, miniatures and graphic designs for the Warlord: Savage North game book from Reaper. You can get all of the latest info on Patrick at his website Photograph of A Band of Orcs courtesy of Phil Emerson Photography