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Impact! re-organization downtime and10% sale

Impact! Miniatures will be closed temporarily while they move to new facilities and prepare for a GenCon launch of their new games. From their website:
Impact! Miniatures has outgrown the location where we currently house our inventory and with 3 new dice, board and card games coming out for Gen Con (based on Tennis, Wild Pig Racing and Futuristic Lacross) we know it is only going to get significantly worse for space. So we are going to pack everything up and move it to a bigger location. What does this mean to you the Impact! customer? May 30th will be the last day orders received will be packed up before the move (with them being shipped out the morning of May 31st).
Starting May 31st to June 17th, we'll be closing down our shipping so we can fully finish 3 major projects for Impact! to grow to the next level: 1) Move the inventory to a bigger location 2) Finish box and rulesheet graphics for the 3 new games so they are completed in time for Gen Con 3) Create UPC codes for every Impact! branded product in our store and create and print new retail packaging labeling with said UPC symbol in it (this alone is a 100 hour project) On June 18th, we'll start packing up orders again with a first scheduled date to re-start shipping of June 24th. We apologize for this downtime and as a result we wanted to do 2 things: 1)  Give time for anyone needing an item from our store to order it between now and May 30th. 2)  Let everyone know that during May 31st to June 17th, every Impact! branded item in the store will have its price discounted 10% to compensate everyone who is willing to wait for their products they order while we re-organize. Thank you for all your support for Impact! and we believe that after this downtime to complete these 3 large projects that we be able to serve you even better in the future.