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Impact! Miniatures Updates

Impact! Miniatures have the Bloody Sport Bases and has started a kickstarter for Forceball.

From their announcement:

Impact! Miniatures specializes in sports-themed games like our fantasy football game Elfball or Nuthin’ But Net basketball game. We were looking to expand earlier this year when we ran across Forceball, which was created by Swedish game maker Gigantoskop, when searching boardgamegeek for other sports games. The game debuted at Essen Spiel Fair 2007 and while reviews were good it was noted that it was very hard to find. In fact, the game was never released to distribution in Europe or the US. After several attempts, we were able to contact Gigantoskop and request copies of the game. We reviewed the game and concluded it was great fun but we could make some small modifications to streamline and improve it. We quickly reached a licensing agreement with Gigantoskop to make these improvements and then begin production.

We have received some copies of the finished product and are now looking for the funding to launch Forceball on a large scale but that takes capital and so we are pleased to offer this game to the Kickstarter community at a discount! Our goal is to get this great game into large scale circulation and share it with the gaming community.

Also, New Bloody Sports bases arrived from Germany. We'll try to get them in the store next week. 25mm bases