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Impact! Miniatures to release Passing Shot

Impact! Miniatures will be releasing a tennis dice game called Passing Shot. From their announcement:
Impact! Miniatures is pleased to announce that is has completed a licensing agreement with the creator of Passing Shot, Daniel Martinez, and the game is now in production. Passing Shot is a dice game for two that simulates a tennis match in which each player takes the role of a tennis player. By means of consecutive dice rolls, the main aim of this game is trying to win points, games, sets and finally, the match. Each player gets 5 custom dice. The dice have faces with a ball symbol (x3), a net symbol, an out symbol and a racquet symbol (for 'energy'). It includes a basic game which consists of dice rolling to see who wins the point but has little to no strategic decision making. This version is best for the little ones.
The advanced game introduces a number of simple but effective additional rules that add layers of strategy. These include energy rolls, setting dice aside to keep you the ball in play but making it harder in the next roll or point, aces, second serves, playing surfaces, going for a winner, and charging the net. To find out more about the game, please visit Impact! expects the game to be available for purchase by May 31st and will retail for $15. Passing Shot adds another title to Impact! Miniatures’ sports game offerings.